Welcome To Our New Home

WELCOME to the new website of The Bloom! Whether you’re a returning fan or just discovering us, we hope you will find inspiration from our story

The Bloom is Here to Stay 

The Bloom tells the story of transformational festivals—the counterculture of the new millennium—and the remarkable message they have to reveal to a world in turmoil. This website is the new home for The Bloom’s development.


The Original Webseries is Back

The original webseries is back with a fresh look. So are the soundtrack albums from the original series, as well as the original TED talk which sparked our journey. Our initial run is reflected upon here: Original Webseries Recap and Looking Back at the Webseries.


Our Mission: Produce the Ultimate Version of this Story for Television in 2020

Our ultimate mission at this time is to produce a new version of the story for a world-class TV / Streaming channel. Watch the “Unofficial” Trailer and let us know what you think. Read about our vision and approach for the TV series: 2020 TV Series: The Definitive Epic and Why The Bloom Will Be A Surprise Hit for TV


Join Us For The New Journey

If you love this, please Join us for the journey – your support is crucial. We know this story can inspire millions and we hope you’ll be part of bringing it to the world with us!


“What you are capturing on film is exactly what is in my heart – and in the hearts of many other people across the globe.” ~ Rufio, UK viewer

Photo/Art Credits

Top: Burning Man (USA) – Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Background: Envision Festival – Photo by Jess Bernstein

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