Ecstatic Crowd at Main Stage, Boom Festival, Portugal, Europe

What Are Transformational Festivals

“Transformational festivals show us what reality could be like___ __if it was made by creatives rather than capitalists”

This upcoming article answers the question, “What Are Transformational Festivals” and why do they matter to the world? The visual essay unpacks the relevant layers of the counter-culture of the Millennium. Deconstructing the ethos forged in the creation of temporary villages, sometimes cities, fueled by art and inspiration—we ask the bold question, what would reality be like if it was made by creatives rather than capitalists?

The treatise is a thorough introduction to one of the most remarkable phenomena in the world today. Based on twenty years of experience and countless interviews and conversations, this in-depth overview frames the forward-thinking and often-visionary culture that millions participate in across the globe. This v2.0 update to the original TEDx talk reflects a further decade of maturation in the conversation and investigation of this important—yet under-studied and often misunderstood—global culture.

If you’ve ever wondered or had trouble explaining to friends__ “What EXACTLY is a TRANSFORMATIONAL FESTIVAL?”

this article will give you everything you need to know!

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