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The Bloom tells the stories of the vibrant culture and the bold teams, who co-create these pop-up villages, sometimes cities, together. All to make a stage—or many stages, as the case often is—for the artists to convey something special into the moment. Emerging from these rich experiences, a global generation is looking beyond the festival to how they can bring their spark to the rest of the world. 

Ancient and Future Meeting in the Now

To explore how to feel more fully alive

The Bloom TV Series follows the adventures of our inspiring characters 

through the festivals and into their lives as they traverse 

both realities to face the challenge of truly living their gifts…

Their journeys reveal the evolving potential of what it means 

to be human in this decisive era


The Bloom is the story of the generation

who have found themselveswithin these powerful portals,

epic experiences which have become our modern day rites-of-passage, 

giving us a glimpse of the alchemy that happens

once we unite to unleash our creative potential. 

The Bloom brings this uplifting story to the world…


Photo/Art Credits

Top: Graphic Design Yali De Keijzer

2: The Man by Larry Harvey & Rod Garrett Burning Man – Photo Ron Worobec

3L: Boruca Art by La Cola del Mono Envision Festival

3C: Main Stage Boom Festival – Photo Jakob Kolar

3R: Mirror Man Burning Man – Photo Scott London

4L: Lux Moderna at Beloved Festival

4C: Opening Ceremony Ozora Festival – Photo Pawel Wieloch

4R: Main Stage Beloved Festival – Photo Zipporah Lomax

5L: Envision Festival – Photo Daniel Zetterstrom

5C: Lightning In A Bottle – Photo Daniel Zetterstrom

5R: Envision Festival – Photo Daniel Zetterstrom

6: “What If This Is All Real” Olivia Steele – Photo JBK Photos

7: “Mayan Warrior” Art Car Burning Man – Photo Daniel Cohelo

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  • Yali De Keijzer says:

    What a wonderful world!

  • jonas says:

    Thank you for producing this amazing videos about this culture where I found my tribe and my community. I hope more people will choose to experience these festivals, they are very transformative

  • Lion Goodman says:

    YES! We need this important underground movement, oriented toward health, love, and joy, to come out of its closet and get exposed to the world! Positive voices must be heard to override the negativity we hear everyday in the news. I can’t imagine a better antidote to “reality as usual.” Keep going!

  • Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for creating this series… It’s important to capture the depth and potency of the transformation that’s happening within this culture.

  • Sam says:

    I truly and humbly appreciate the work you have done and are doing! The shows integrity and truthfulness really showcase what actually happens there in a way where I feel like I am back and it is just like I have experienced it. This is not a traditional hype marketing video that makes me want to go somewhere, buy something or experience something different than what I am, but a REAL REPRESENTATION (as unbelievable as that may seem to some) of a reality that has been carefully created and curated and can experienced if one cherishes, values it and wants to go. It is strong yet we need all the actors in this system to have an open mind to learning and be open to experience.

    The way the series is made, is truly magnificent and I am saying this from the perspective of doing and volunteering and participating at transformational festivals globally for the past 10 years. This is a culture phenomena that has never existed before, has outlandish potential that cannot be be known by one or few people and should be documented carefully. There is a project called Burning Stories that is making a research-based scientific case on personal transformations and experiences at Burning Man free of charge for the community: https://burning-stories.org/.

    Thank you and Blessings!

  • sean von stade says:

    wow, this is so valuable! the positive growth and inspiration that comes from these events is hard for most people to access and hard to explain, but the Bloom videos make it accessible, inspirational, and entertaining! if I had seen videos like this before attending ay of these events it would have blown my mind!!!

  • J + J says:

    We’re so glad Bloom is back! The first series of short videos that was produced were so inspiring! Exploring the connection between community and the festival cultures around the world tickled our travel-and-festival-going bug. Eagerly awaiting more news on future Bloom projects… Can’t wait to see what and where Bloom will explore next!

  • Poldor says:

    Excellent work Jeet ! This is going somewhere, you are planting seeds for a future humanity -that might actually bloom !

  • Tiago A. Pereira says:

    We should say transformational festival meme has been around for a decade when Jeet-Kei Leung took the courage to let the world know about a global epiphenomenon. Standing on the shoulders of the so called beat generation, electronic awakening and the counterculture movement initiated by the hippies in the sixties, the transformational festival concept is now on full swing all over the planet Earth. Boom Festival, in Portugal is a spot on example. This global epiphenomenon is of a great interest for human science, anthropology and sociology so we get a better understanding of ourselves in the early stages of the new millenium, the so called – digital era.
    The Bloom is the series that will tell our story right and leave a legacy for the new generations to come..

  • Jenn Azure says:

    The Bloom was a HUGE part of my entering into the world of transformational festivals. I used the episodes as a kind of menu for which environments to explore during my first years exploring this world. The community of these festivals have accepted and affirmed me. They value the gifts i have to share, such as music, dance, tea and holding ritual space. The people with whom i’ve connected over the years are my real family. Overall the transformational festival world and people are my true community and have been the catalyst for my personal evolution in ways that are astounding and continue to unfold. Thank you.

  • Sylvia Nibley says:

    These are world-changing stories that need to be told and shared widely. The human family will only survive if we transform in massive ways very quickly and festival culture is the experimental sandbox where it’s happening, now! Watching the web series gave me strength and inspiration as a social visionary and I’ll continue to share everything from the Bloom Series with everyone interested in a better society.

  • Dustin Quasar says:

    Much love for the Bloom online episodes! Looking forward to seeing more <3

  • Sean von Stade says:

    what the world needs right now is for human goodness to bloom. transformational festivals are designed to maximize that, and The Bloom is designed to spread that message more broadly, inspiring the cultural shift and values that just might save the world.
    Thank you Jeet-Kei and team for taking on this mission!

  • John says:

    This is the documenting of a time in history that will either be looked back upon as humanities ultimate awakening or the moment when we lost it all! I for one believe that with enough exposure this powerful story will be a catalyst for real inspired change, the kind of change that reshapes what we collectively believe is possible for our future! Our collective consciousness is ready for this evolutionary jump…. but are we too scared to make the leap of faith? People are inspired to do amazing things when we BELIEVE DEEPLY in something… I Believe in now and I believe in you and this vision of The BLOOM!

  • Daniel Halenko says:

    We totally need this. I’m loving the shift in the sorts and types of documentary films and series available. Completely eye opening. Thank you for making this. More please 🙂 the time is now.

  • James Jones says:

    This would be amazing. I would definitely watch this.

  • Amy says:

    I feel this series is so important and will affect the lives of many people.
    Thank you for all of your immensely hard work to make this happen.
    I’m so excited to see more!

  • EmSquared says:

    The Bloom Series marked a very satisfying moment in my life. I had been involved with the transformational festival movement since 2008 and rave culture since 2000. When I watched the first episode I felt so incredibly validated; everything I had felt and experienced was being echoed in a digestible framework that I then shared with friends and family both within and outside of the community. It made explaining why I made the decisions I did about how I spent my time and resources so much easier. I love the OG Bloom Series and look forward to whatever iteration comes next. XO

  • heather says:

    These episodes truly captured the essence of the movement of transformational festivals. Ironically, I have been on a similar yet completely different journey for the last 7 years that started also with the death of my father and our complicated relationship. Thank you for sharing this important work about what it means to be human in these times and how our tribe is stronger when we are real with each other

  • Camina says:

    I was excited to see a Bloom email back in my inbox. Thank you for staying true to your vision and I look forward to watching what comes to be — all in perfect timing. Keep going! This series is going to create ripples and blow up any platform it finds itself on :).

  • laura says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into capturing the ineffable beauty of these festivals and life-time connections made there. Its incredible how each year the discoveries and transformations become deeper and more profound; a good reminder that you’ll never have it all figured out. <3

  • Joyous says:

    YES! You are capturing so authentically our family, this community, this tribe. You are putting words to our messages and doing so eloquently. A lot of times, some in our community (myself included at times) get nervous about this message growing a wider audience yet it is a truth so powerful and so needed to be shared that I know we will all connect even deeper to keep it sacred and cherished. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we wish to see in this world. We are cocreating transformation and this evolution is beautiful. Please keep sharing and thank you so much for updating us and I look forward to continuing this journey and staying in the loop with you.
    Blessed be family!

  • mimi ramsay says:

    how beautiful and hope inspiring

  • Philo Lila says:

    I love this series so much. Every time I watch a Bloom video I get filled with inspiration and energy to help grow the movement <3

  • Nathan Pearson says:

    Amazing Amazing Jeet Kei. Saw your post today on FB and found out about this project. This
    is surely inspiring. My hat is on to this work!

  • Randy Jones says:

    Glad to see your work on this continuing Jeet Kei! An important story as we all struggle to transform the dying old paradigm.

  • Joel Ferguson says:

    The first time I met Jeet he was covering a small festival in Alberta. Fast forward a couple years and we are hosting a screening of Bloom found our local community there.

    I have always believed in this project because for the first time ever *that feeling* was presented in a accessible way to people outside our community.

    Keep up the hard work everyone. You are doing good things.

  • James says:

    Can’t wait for this inspiring documentary so we can catapult Impact Festival to be one of the most transformational ever created!

  • Jessica D says:

    I’m very excited to see this series unfold! I think it’s important for those not in tune with the transformational festival community to understand what exactly is happening at these events, how they differ from your average music festival, and understand that people are having meaningful, life changing experiences. It sounds like this series will do just that. Staying tuned!

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