VESSELS OF THE DIVINE: Spotlight On Visionary Art

This short explores “Visionary Art”—the genre of visual art which has arisen synergistically with transformational festivals. The festivals have helped foster the movement by typically featuring a gallery on-site and often a cohort of artists live painting at the festival, even on stage. The Culture Spotlight talks with some of the movement’s brightest lights about the genre and its themes.

Interviews (in order of appearance):

Krystle Smith, Autumn Skye Morrison, Alex Grey, Android Jones and Luke Brown

Other Artists featured:

Flora Bowley, Amanda Sage, Robert Venosa, Justin Totemical, Quixotic Fusion, Tribe 13 Art Collective, George Atherton, Shwa Keirstead, Rachel Mandala, Ishka Lha, Dave Zaboski, Tonu, Adam Miller, Lynzee Lynx, Seth McMahon, Icarus Zaure, Hans Walor, Joness Jones, Telopa Treloky, Yurik Riegel, Tony Koehl, Mimi Yoon, John Park & Van Saro, Joseph Skala , Reiner Gamboa, Carina Earl and Krisztina Lazar

Run-Time: 10 min 02 sec



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Photo / Art Credits

Video Cover: Samskara immersive dome experience by Android Jones at Burning Man / Background: Photo Envision Festival

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