GREENING THE FESTIVAL: Spotlight On Sustainability

This short showcases some of the sustainable practices at transformational festivals to mitigate the environmental footprint of the thousands of people who gather.

Featured Festivals:

Luminate Festival (New Zealand), Lucidity Festival (California), Envision Festival (Costa Rica) and Boom Festival (Portugal)

Featured Interviews:

(Luminate Festival) Jules Harper, Rita Davies; (Envision Festival) Stephen Brooks, Francisco Grau; (Lucidity Festival) Chad Fez Gaetz, Chef Gage, Michael Seminitus; (Boom Festival) Diogo Ribeiro

Run-Time: 10 min 53 secs



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Photo / Art Credits

Video Cover: Envision Festival, photo by Jess Bernstein; Background: Envision Festival, photo by Eric Allen

  • Yali De Keijzer says:

    Blessed be restoration. Leave no trace.

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