Episode III

Episode Three of the original Bloom webseries investigates how Mythos, Ritual and The Sacred are explored at transformational festivals.

Festivals featured in the episode:

Beloved, Burning Man, Faerieworlds, Waterwoman, Sonic Bloom, Lightning in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest, Awaken, Rootwire, Firefly, Moontribe, Wanderlust, Earth Frequency, Mystic Garden, Shambhala, Bass Coast

Featured Artwork (Theme Intros):

Opening animation by Dave Zaboski, ‘Mythos’ by Ishka La, ‘Ritual’ by Luke Brown’ and ‘The Sacred’ by Mugwort

Featured Interviews (in order of appearance):

MYTHOS: (Faerieworlds) Emilio Miller-Lopez, Jason Pfizl-Waters, Robert Gould, Kelly Miller-Lopez; (Interlude at LiB) Dave Zaboski; (Performers) Lux Moderna, Michael Tam-Wood/Skyfire Arts, Tammy Firefly, Laura Jones/Quixotic; (Entheogens) Mark Heley

RITUAL: (Opening) Michael Meade, Paradox Pollack, Karl ‘Baba’ Bralich, Starhawk, Isis Indriya; (Waterwoman) Acaiah Moon, Gary Edwards, Guillermo Apaza; (Moontribe) Violet Divine, Heyward Bracey, Dustianne North, Michael Divine

THE SACRED: (Musicians) Leah Song/Rising Appalachia, Nahko/Medicine For The People, Bibi McGill/Beyonce; (Beloved Festival) Maraya Karena, Elliot Rasenick, Raamayan, Joel & Michelle Levey; (Yoga) Sofiah Jaffer-Thom, Shiva Rea, Mark Morford, Suzanne Sterling; (Altars) Elana Jaroff; (Nests) Nature Dreamweaver; (COSM) Allyson & Alex Grey; (Lightning in a Bottle) Dream Rockwell, Shrine

Soundtrack Music by:

Akara, Saqi & Lulacruza, Kaminanda, Ayla Nereo, Whitebear, Birds of Paradise, Temple Step & Kyrstyn Pixton, Plantrae, Mashimon, Rook, Tor, Dub Kirtan Allstars, Shipwrek, Chris James & ALIA, Citta Flow, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Wala & Devin Kroes, Nadis Warriors, Soulular and Quade

Thank you to our Sponsors & Supporters:

Keyframe Entertainment, Flowtoys, Electrofur, Dancing Wings, Coconut Bliss, Dr Bronners, North Atlantic Books, PK Sound, Sonic Bloom Festival, Lucidity Festival, Beloved Festival, Rootwire Festival, Bridgewalkers,, Third Eye Pinecones, Onanya Clothing, Reclaiming Balance, Laser-Guided Visions, Waterwoman Festival, Luminate Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Inshala Festival, The Oasis Express, Billion Jelly Bloom, Solsara, Gary & Lani, Roadz Less Traveled, Laser and Lights, Pagoda Pictures, Tala Creative, Juicy Hoops, Andrew Larsen, ALL our Kickstarter backers & individual donors

This Episode is presented by Keyframe Entertainment in association with Elevate Films and Muti Music

Run-Time: 1 Hour 10 mins 44 secs

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Director/ Producer

Jeet-Kei Leung

Executive Producer

Julian Reyes


Akira Chan

Writer / Host

Jeet-Kei Leung


Drew Martinez, Jeet-Kei Leung


Aaron Dorr, David Schnack, Ryan Mitchell, Zipporah Lomax, Akira Chan, Zac Cirivello

Production Team

Robin Tala, Zac Cirivello, Dario Fidanza, Carrie Koester

Photo / Art Credits

Video Cover: Deya Dova at Envision Festival by Eric Allen; Background Photo: Temple at Burning Man by Ron Worobec