Episode II of The Bloom investigates how the themes of Co-Creation, Participation & Modelling permeate the ethos at transformational festivals.

Festivals featured in the episode:

Burning Man, Lucidity, Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, Boom, Bass Coast, Beloved, Luminate, Enchanted Forest, Tribal Convergence

Featured Artwork (Theme Intros):

‘Co-Creation’ by Krystle Smith, ‘Participation’ by Shwa Keirstead and ‘Modelling’ by George Atherton

Featured Interviews (in order of appearance):

CO-CREATION: (Burning Man/Red Lightning Camp) Bobby Israel, Larry Harvey, Samantha Coker & Chad Gaetz; (American Steel) Karen Cusolito; (Dept of Spontaneous Combustion) Don Cain, Kali Snowden; (The Front Porch) Zac Carroll; (Sacred Space Mandala) Scotty O’Keefe, Cody Driftwood; (Envision Luna Stage) Dala Bil; (Bass Coast Radio Stage) Baran Faber, Joel Ferguson, Anna Kousk, Shan Zo; (Lightning in a Bottle) Jesse Flemming, Megan Young, Michael Bernard Beckwith; (Lucidity Festival) Chad Fez Gaetz, Jonah Haas, Nicky Lafleur

PARTICIPATION: (Natural Leaders) Jon Nash, Zen Orion; (Artisans) Carl Weiseth, Alissa Martucci, Jonah Haas, Durian Songbird, Prisna Nuengsigkapian, Sean Von Stade, Heru De La Paz, Marcela Solera; (Volunteers) Sasha Swedlund, Fez, Kitty Freimann; (Moop Squad) Sylvie Hitchcock; (Participants) Kitty Freimann, Raven, Giselle Messing, Jon Nash, David Weber

MODELLING: (Karuna Colectiva) Jake Foreman, Ramona Teo; (First Saturdays) John Halcyon Styn; (UNIFY/Earth Day) Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, Adil Kassam; (The Center SF) Lux Moderna, Brett Hapoienu, Sacha Dubvirus, Michael Latronica; (Emerald Village) Nick Heyming, Kyle Shinners, Natural Nash, Rose McPherren; (Closing) Foster Gamble

Soundtrack Music by:

Nahko & Medicine For The People, ill.Gates, Thriftworks, Ill-Esha feat Samuel Wexler, G Jones, Dov, Quade, Mashimon, Biolumigen, Shen, Ribotto, Ninjamonk

Thank you to our Sponsors & Supporters:

Flowtoys, Electrofur, Dancing Wings, Coconut Bliss, Dr Bronners, North Atlantic Books, PK Sound, Third Eye Pinecones, Beloved, Luminate Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Sonic Bloom, Lucidity Festival, Rootwire Festival, TourHub.Org, Onanya Clothing, Reclaiming Balance, Laser-Guided Visions, The Oasis Express, Waterwoman Festival, Inshala Festival, Blaine Dowdle, Billion Jelly Bloom, Solsara, Gary & Lani, Roadz Less Traveled, Laser and Lights, Pagoda Pictures, Tala Creative, Juicy Hoops, Andrew Larsen, ALL our Kickstarter backers & individual donors

This Episode is presented in association with Elevate Films, Keyframe Entertainment and Muti Music

Run-Time: 50 mins 33 secs

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Director / Producer

Jeet-Kei Leung

Co-Producer / Co-Director

Akira Chan

Writer / Host

Jeet-Kei Leung


Akira Chan, Jeet-Kei Leung


Akira Chan, Aaron Dorr, Zipporah Lomax, Zac Cirivello, Ryan Mitchell, David Schnack, Syd Woodward

Production Team

Robin Tala, Zac Cirivello, Dario Fidanza, Carrie Koester

Associate Producers

Julian Reyes, Syd Woodward

Photo / Art Credits

Video Cover: Bass Coast, photo by Zac Cirivello; Background: Ilumina by Pablo Gonzalez Vargas at Burning Man, photo by Daniel Cohelo

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