Episode One of the original webseries looks at the “Fundamental Frequencies” of the transformational festival experience through the themes of Inspiration, Connection & Healing.

Festivals featured in the episode:

Beloved, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Entheos, Bass Coast, Shambhala, Diversity, Faerieworlds, Inshala, Waterwoman, Sonic Bloom, Earthdance (Vancouver), Rootwire, Earth Frequency, Luminate, Mystic Garden, Ascendance

Featured Artwork (Theme Intros):

‘Inspiration’ by Flora Bowley, ‘Connection’ by Android Jones and ‘Healing’ by Autumn Skye Morrison

Featured Interviews:

Adham Shaikh, Martin Dragonfly, Andrea Graham, Krystle Smith, Michael Mcleod, Debra Giusti, Leah Barley, Tango & Natasha, Jesse Flemming, Amanda Sage, Adam Apollo, Michael Meade, J Brave, Krista, Juan Carlos Kanga, Laum & Lisa, Evan Skytree, Kelsey Faery, Foster Gamble, Jordan Tal, Priya Mohan, Saionne Penn, Jasmin Starrchild, Autumn Skye Morrison, Mutya Macatumpag, Elliot Rasenick, Stephen Brooks, Priscilla Ortiz, Raamayan Dhanji, KK Ledford, Isis Indriya, Cody Torres

Soundtrack Music by:

The Polish Ambassador feat Ayla Nereo, Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience, Kalya Scintilla, JPOD The Beat Chef, Dub FX, David Starfire, Daega Sound, Love & Light w Jobot, The Human Experience, Electric Dandelion, Dixon’s Violin, Theo Dore, Avari

Thank you to our Sponsors & Supporters:

Flowtoys, Electrofur, Coconut Bliss, Dr Bronners, North Atlantic Books, PK Sound, Third Eye Pinecones, Rootwire Festival, Lucidity Festival, Beloved Festival, Inshala Festival, Waterwoman Festival, Reclaiming Balance, The Oasis Express, TourHub.org, Billion Jelly Bloom, ALL our Kickstarter backers & individual donors

This Episode is presented in association wiith Elevate Films, Keyframe Entertainment and Muti Music

Run-Time: 38 mins 06 secs

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Director / Producer

Jeet-Kei Leung

Co-Director / Co-Producer

Akira Chan

Writer / Host

Jeet-Kei Leung


Akira Chan


Akira Chan, Syd Woodward, Zipporah Lomax, Ryan Mitchell, David Schnack, Aaron Dorr, Maria Allred, Christine Peterson, Annie Klein

Production Team

Robin Tala, Zac Cirivello, Dario Fidanza, Carrie Koester

Associate Producers

Julian Reyes, Syd Woodward

Photo / Art Credits

Video Cover: Beloved Festival, photo by Zipporah Lomax; Background: Temple at Burning Man, photo by Ron Worobec

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