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2020 TV Series: The Definitive Epic

The Bloom is a uniquely ground-breaking show shining a light

on the festival world through a visionary cultural lens

While millions of people go to one or two festivals per year, The Bloom gives viewers a backstage pass to over twenty iconic festivals, appealing to more than 32m people in the US and countless millions more around the world who annually attend music festivals—as well as providing a rare view to those who’ve never attended one at all.

As energetic as the festivals themselves, the show is an endless feast for the senses with inspired art installations, jaw-dropping performances, sexy and charismatic people, amazing costumes, next-level stages, as well as profound rituals, temporary temples, and other deeper expressions of the evolving culture. It’s an adventure-filled tour of the cutting-edge of music festivals—with the viewer riding shotgun—for all the mind-blowing experiences, hilarious shenanigans, and unexpected events. And in scenes where we drop fully into an intimate or important moment, viewers will share the surprising dramas and powerful revelations of our journey.

The Bloom goes beyond the festival and into the lives

of the people who make the magic happen 

While the original webseries took a broad philosophical approach, our TV series is character-driven and anchored in their narratives. Each episode follows two stories, specifically selected to exemplify the episode’s theme. These stories interweave within the overarching narrative of our globe-trotting journey to define this cultural phenomenon. While many stories center around people who will be well-known to those within the festival circuit, others will be selected through an open call (via video submissions) to represent the spectrum of festival archetypes.

We follow our charismatic characters through the festivals, but also back home to see how they meet the challenges of translating their dreams into the “real” world. Compelling, relatable, and willing to show us the challenges and triumphs of their lives, these intimate sub-narratives bring the audience into the greater story through the journeys of our bold and colorful characters.

Our cultural inquiry brings the show home

to empower and inspire our viewers’ lives

Underlying these narratives is a cultural inquiry that makes the show truly revolutionary while remaining an exhilarating adventure throughout. This inquiry connects viewers to directly relevant conversations about how we can make our reality more fulfilling and empowered. Each episode’s theme is introduced with a creative segment depicting “default” reality as the reference point, and closes with the take-aways of our journey, imparting the alchemy of the transformational experience to the viewer.

By synthesizing each episode’s narratives, the travel show dimension, our cultural inquiry, and other creative elements, The Bloom is a “reality” series that will sparkle with relevance in today’s cultural landscape. At The Bloom’s heart, there is a powerful story with a visionary message about the possibilities of being human at this time. Our uplifting story will shine as a beacon of our human potential in much-needed relief to the prevailing tone of our time.

“What if we make entertainment that left people inspired with real ideas and potential solutions—where viewers came away with a sense of hope for themselves and the future—but that was just as gripping as any drama about the worst of who we can be… Would there be an audience for this type of show right now?”

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  • Leah says:

    I was (am) a huge fan of the original 3 videos and am so very excited to see the Bloom come back! Thank you for all the work you have done & continue to do, sharing this story and making our lives in festival something we can share and celebrate with everyone. <3

  • Samuel Newton says:

    Woot! Finally! A SURREALITY SHOW!

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