Get all the music from The Bloom Series!

The Bloom and Muti Music are proud to present the soundtracks from The Bloom Series featuring new music by top musical artists of transformational festivals. Each episode's soundtrack is available as a complete album on iTunes, amazon, bandcamp, beatport and other digital music retail outlets.

The Bloom Soundtrack Vol. 1


JPOD • Love & Light, jOBOT
Electric Dandelion • David Starfire
Kalya Scintilla • Daega Sound
The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo
Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience
The Human Experience feat Lila Rose
Dixon's Violin • Avari • Theo Dore • Dub FX

The Bloom Soundtrack Vol. 2


ill-esha feat Samuel Wexler • Mashimon
ill.Gates • Shen • Thriftworks
G Jones • Dov • Ribotto
Ninjamonk • bioLuMigen
Quade feat Thermostat
Nahko & Medicine for the People

The Bloom Soundtrack Vol. 3 Part 1 & 2


Temple Step Project & Kyrstyn Pixton
Whitebear • WALA & Devin Kroes
Chris James & ALIA • Akara
Plantrae • Birds of Paradise
Kaminanda • Lulacruza • Shipwrek


Ayla Nereo • Mashimon • CittaFlow
Tor • Heavyweight Dub Champion
Soulular • Rook • Quade
Nadis Warriors • Dub Kirtan Allstars

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